In the News – China to Reconsider N.Korean Investment Program


In the News – China to Reconsider N.Korean Investment Program

China has told North Korea that it will reconsider a dubious development project on North Korea’s Hwanggumpyong island.

The island located on the border between China and North Korea was designated a special economic zone last June. North Korea promised to lend the island to China for 50 years so Beijing can foster IT, tourism, light industry and modern agricultural industry there. In return for the development project from Chinese investors, North Korea would give China access to its Rajin port on the East Sea.

However, the Chinese government told North Korea last month that it will review the project from the scratch, apparently because it believes the island has little business value. North Korea’s rocket launch in April despite Chinese protests may also have provoked the rethink.


Original article can be found here.

MOU Overseas Correspondents Program: Applications in Review


Applications for the 2012 MOU Overseas Correspondents Program have been received and are currently in the process of being evaluated. Thank you to all of you who have sent in an application. We appreciate the interest that many of you have shown. You should expect to hear back from us within this week (April 2 – 6) if you are selected for an interview.

Best of luck to all of you!

United States Refugee Program

Curious about the community of North Korean refugees in the United States, I tried to dig up any information that I could in regards to adjustments of defectors here. I did not expect to find too much information available on the Internet easily since many refugees remain vulnerable after defection considering that family members often still live in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. To my surprise, I did come across a very interesting article about a particular family of refugees in America on the Hankyoreh newspaper website. Continue reading

An Insider’s Guide to MOU’s Internship

Michelle wrote a great article about the MOU Internship, and I wanted to write about what kinds of advice I would give to future applicants to the Overseas Correspondent Program and add a little bit about my experience at MOU. Continue reading

MOU Overseas Student Correspondent 2012 Application

The Ministry of Unification is pleased to announce the Overseas Student Correspondent Program which offers motivated undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work as student correspondents for our Ministry.

This is an opportunity for students to interact and dialogue with North Korean defectors, South Korean college students, South Korean government officials, and other professionals involved in various aspects of the North Korean defectors’ resettlement process in the Republic of Korea.

Students will also be given the opportunity to produce creative videos on unification and participate in the Youth Leaders for Unification Camp.
Currently, we are looking for suitable candidates.

Interested students are requested to submit their resume, application form, cover letter, 1 passport-sized photo, and short writing sample (1 page max)  to by Friday, March 30th, 2012.

Selected applicants will be notified by email by April 3rd to schedule for a phone interview. The interviews will take place on April 4th – 6th.  All applicants must state the name of the internship in the subject line of the email.

Program Description 2012

Ministry of Unification Overseas Correspondents Application Form

COMING SOON – 2012 MOU Internship Applications

There has been a lot of interest in this year’s MOU internship and many have been asking when the applications will be available.

We are currently working on putting the final touches on this year’s program and the application should available in early to mid-March.

Thank you for all the interest and please continue to follow our blog for more information on the upcoming internship program and application.