Korean War Armistice Signing Anniversary


Truce In Korea 1953

This past July 27th marked the 59th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that officially put the Korean War on hold. It was a silent holiday that went nearly unnoticed by the world. However, for those soldiers who lived through the Korean War, this was an important day, no matter what side they fought on, and many gathered to remember and to celebrate.

In North Korea, this day was celebrated with war veterans visiting Panmunjom to pledge their unchanging loyalty to North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong Un. Fireworks were also fired to celebrate the day. The commemorations are meant to kindle patriotism and loyalty in North Koreans, and especially the young, by showcasing veterans who fought for their country, said Kim Yeon-su of Korea National Defense University in Seoul. Ahead of the anniversary, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry reiterated its long-standing demand that the United States sign a peace treaty with North Korea to replace the armistice. However, the United States continues to stand by its claim that normal ties will only come after North Korea abandons its pursuit of nuclear weapons and takes other steps towards change. Continue reading

Joint Security Area @ Panmunjom


The 38th Parallel

I mentally keep a list of “Places I must see before I die.”  I guess it is kind of like an unending bucket list.  While I have been able to travel a lot, there are so many places in the world I want to see so my list never shrinks.

One place I always wanted to visit was the Joint Security Area at Panmunjom – the 38th parallel between North and South Korea.  It’s definitely not necessarily an ideal place to visit or a vacation hotspot.  However, I always felt that it was important to see the physical divider between my motherland that’s been torn into two different states.

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