Freedom? Depends where you’re standing.

Part I: “Holding freedom in your hands”

We know from history that one person can build a community, influence society and  even change the world.  Whatʼs more, is that we can just as easily be challenged by one womanʼs life story.  This womanʼs life story suggests an alternate reality, one that  challenges the very way we understand and accept freedom.

Ms. Pak Soohyun* is one of four children in her fatherʼs second marriage.  Her father  was a South Korean man displaced and stranded in North Korea by the Korean War.   Unable to return to the South and unable to return to his family, her father began a new  life in North Korea.  Though born and raised in North Korea, Soohyun and her siblings were ostracized for being ʻSouth Koreanʼ.  Their success in North Korean society had  been pre-determined by their status as descendants of a South Korean man.   Regardless of her intelligence, talent or high achieving academic performance, Soohyun was able to neither receive a proper education nor obtain employment in the  government.  Their family lived under strict surveillance by the North Korean regime.

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Introductions: Lydia

Name: Lydia Kim

Age: 23

Occupation: Advertising

Likes: nice weather, dining in good company, dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Dislikes: animals bigger than me

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