The MOU Internship: Pt. 1

Imagine an internship where your interests are a priority. Now add being treated with respect. And then add on top of that field trips every week to some of the most interesting places in South Korea. And as a bonus, go ahead and add the opportunity to eat some of the best food in Seoul with some of the most important people within the Ministry of Unification. Sound too good to be true? Usually, it would be. But, believe it or not, all of this, and so much more, is what the MOU summer internship was like for me. Hopefully I have your attention by now, so let me give you some more details. Continue reading

Benjamin Button Style


Yesterday, I returned from a month long trip in Korea. I ate a chicken’s foot, avoided using the traditional Korean toilet (imagine a horizontal urinal built into the ground), went clam digging, survived the most humid summer in my life, and had my first beer. For a 21 year old college student in South Korea, all of this is the norm, a typical day. For a foreigner like myself, this even approaches “Weird/interesting Travel Experiences.” But there was one detail about my month that made it out of the ordinary—I experienced it all with North Korean defectors.


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