Kim Kyung Hee: the obstinate woman

Many of you may already know of Kim Kyung Hee. She is famous for being Kim Jong Il’s sister and, more importantly, his most loyal adviser. As important as her position within North Korea is, I think it’s important to spend time taking a look at who she is.

Kim Kyung Hee was born in 1946, four years after her brother, Kim Jong Il was born. Both she and Kim Jong Il were born under Kim Il Sung’s first marriage with Kim Jong Suk. Their mother died at a very young age of 32 in 1949, just three years after giving birth to Kim Kyung Hee.

Kim graduated from Kim Il Sung University, North Korea’s most prestigious university. It is here, that she met her husband, Jang Sung Taek. According to Hwang Jang Yup, North Korea’s highest level defector (former international secretary of North Korea’s Worker’s Party), the two met while studying political economics together. Mr. Hwang remembers Jang as “not a particularly good student, but as a member of the arts society he was a talented accordion player, singer and dancer. Above all, he was sensible and shrewd.” Continue reading