Photo Essay: Joseph Ferris’s Snapshots of Everday Life

The headline was “Rare Images Show A Side of North Korea That Outsiders Rarely See.”

I had immediately remembered Frühtau’s photos, which I loved for the same reason, and so of course I had to click.

These photos are just as rare and wonderful. Following them to their source, I found my next Flickr goldmine. Joseph A. Miller III is an American whose “day job” is working as Chief Mate on oceanographic research ships. On his months off, he began visiting North Korea, and soon became a partner and tour guide with Young Pioneer Tours.

He runs a blog called American in North Korea, which has more information about his tours, his perspectives, and his background. And his Flickr account has his gorgeous photos; check them out at

When he is in the country (as he is now through the end of May 2013), you can also follow his photos live on Instagram.

There are far too many wonderful photos to post them all, but here are a handful:




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