Villages and Landscapes of North Korea: Frühtau’s Photos

These photos were taken by German photographer T. Mosler, who publishes under the Flickr alias Frühtau. He visited the DPRK four times between 2003 and 2011. He seems to have been granted unusual latitude in exploring the countryside through a camera’s lens.

His are uncommon photographs. Widely circulated photos of North Korea tend to illustrate its political ideology, its industrial backwardness, its poverty, its natural disasters. Instead, these photos reflect something of the everyday in North Korea—the shared common ground. You can see villages and landscapes that look like they could be taken anywhere in East Asia, not just North Korea. There’s a sleepy feel to most of these scenes, a stillness or quietness.

Here are the photos. Click on any image to see them all full-size in a carousel (I recommend doing this; it lets you see each image on its own, without distraction).



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