In the News – ‘The Fact’ Exhibition Opens in Insadong

In the News – ‘The Fact’ Exhibition Opens in Insadong

“The Fact,” a new North Korean human rights photo exhibit, opened in Insadong, Seoul on Wednesday. Running until the 11th, the event has been organized with sponsorship from the Ministry of Unification by NKnet, a Seoul-based North Korea human rights NGO.

The exhibit has been created to inform visitors about the reality of life inside North Korea. Juxtaposing the hardships faced by the North Korean people against the life of luxury lived by the Kim regime elite, the display spans two floors and includes many pictures, all with detailed information in both English and Korean.

Visitors are presented with both the familiar and more obscure aspects of North Korea; from the state-run drug trade, prostitution and forced labor to Kim Jong Eun’s recent activities and the influence of South Korean pop culture on Pyongyang fashion.

One volunteer working at the gallery, Moon Dong Hee, described to Daily NK his hope for the event; namely, that the images and information it contains will inspire visitors to continue learning about North Korean human rights even when they are no longer in South Korea.

“Nowadays people are becoming more concerned about human rights in North Korea,” one student who had come to see the event told Daily NK. “I came here because I wanted to participate.”

The free exhibit, located in Seoho Gallery, is definitely worth a visit for anyone walking along the main street of Insadong, a shopping destination for traditional Korean crafts. It is open from 10AM-7PM on weekdays and until 8PM on weekends. An English-speaking staff will be on hand later in the day.

Seoho Gallery is located at Jongro-gu, Insadong 1-1. If arriving by subway, come out of Line 3 Anguk Station Exit 6 and it’s a few hundred meters down Insadong St. More information, including a detailed map, is available on the NKnet website here


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