In the News – Poll Shows Belief in Collapse Scenario

In the News –  Poll Shows Belief in Collapse Scenario

According to a new ‘unification consciousness’ poll by the state-run National Unification Advisory Council, 74.6% of people believe that the Kim Jong Eun regime will collapse.

The poll targeted 1,000 young adults and middle aged people in Korea’s 16 major cities.

In more detail, 14.3% said that the regime ‘will collapse in a few years’ while 60.3% said that ‘it will take time but eventually will collapse’. Meanwhile, 18.6% responded that the Kim Jong Eun system will ‘continue on for 30 or more years’.

34.0% of the 746 respondents who predicted the collapse of Kim Jong Eun system said that it will happen within the next 10-20 years. Other answers were ‘in more than 30 years’ (26.2%), ‘20-30 years’ (14.2%), and ‘less than 5 years’ (3.5%).

Other questions covered the people’s attitude toward North Korea. 46.1% said that North Korea represents ‘something we must cooperate with’, 21.9% said it is ‘something to guard against’, 14.4% said it is ‘an enemy confronting us’, and 13.2% said that it is a ‘problematic headache’.

Regardless of which, 61.6% of respondents preferred gradual unification. Only 7.8% answered that ‘unification must be achieved as soon as possible’. On the other hand, 25.4% said North and South Korea ‘must co-exist in the current state’ while 4.7% said that ‘unification is not necessary’.

Looking toward the things that people believe the South Korean government should prioritize, 29.8% said ‘creating more inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation’, 20.4% said ‘raising national security awareness’, 16.3% said ‘enhancing diplomacy with regional powers’, 15.3% said ‘raising the money to pay for unification’, and 15.0% said ‘strengthening our independent national defense strength’.

This poll was conducted between April 6th and 8th by the National Unification Advisory Council using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) method. The respondents were young adults and middle aged people from 19 to 40 years old.

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