In the News – S. Korean police arrest two suspected spies for N. Korea

In the News – S. Korean police arrest two suspected spies for N. Korea

SEOUL, May 31 (Yonhap) — South Korean police said Thursday they have arrested two men suspected of spying for a North Korean intelligence agency.

The two men, aged 56 and 74 and both involved in business with North Korea, were arrested in early May on charges of collecting military intelligence after being instructed by a man believed to be a North Korean agent in Dandong, a Chinese city along the North Korean border, in July last year, police said in a statement.

The 74-year-old received equipment capable of disturbing global positioning system (GPS) signals and other intelligence on high-tech military equipment from the 56-year-old.

Police said they referred the case to prosecutors last week.

It was not immediately clear whether the 74-year-old passed the equipment and other military intelligence to the suspected North Korean agent.

Repeated calls to police seeking a comment went unanswered on Thursday.

The 74-year-old was sentenced to life in prison on a separate espionage charge in 1972, though he was released on parole in 1990. Still, he retains his allegiance to North Korea, according to the police statement.

The arrest of the alleged spies coincided with North Korea’s jamming of GPS signals, a satellite-based navigation system widely used by planes, ships and the military as well as ordinary drivers.

South Korea has said North Korea disrupted GPS signals between April 28 and May 13, affecting more than 650 flights by South Korean and foreign airlines, including Korean Air, FedEx and United Airlines.

However, North Korea has denied responsibility for the jamming attacks, calling Seoul’s accusation a “new farce and smear campaign” against Pyongyang.


Original article can be found here.


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