In the News – Myanmar Agrees Defector Release

In the News – Myanmar Agrees Defector Release

Myanmar has agreed to release a North Korean defector imprisoned two years ago for entering the country illegally and declared its intention to comply with all UN resolutions covering nuclear and missile trade, reflecting the country’s recent tentative moves toward rejoining the international community of nations following years of economic and diplomatic isolation.

The imprisoned defector, whose identity has not been released, has been serving a five-year prison sentence following his 2010 conviction for illegal entry. Upon his release, the man is reportedly set to be transferred to South Korea.

The agreement came as President Lee Myung Bak met President Thein Sein in the new jungle capital of Napyidaw as part of the first visit to the country by a sitting South Korean president since a 1983 terrorist attack carried out in the former Burmese capital of Yangon by North Korean agents killed a number of government ministers and came within minutes of killing President Chun Doo Hwan himself.

For its part, South Korea has offered Myanmar a slew of different forms of development assistance matching the nature of its recent reforms, including loans and grants, scholarships and even help in establishing an economic think tank.

Today, President Lee is set to fly across from Napyidaw to the traditional capital, Yangon, to meet with democracy activist and newly elected lawmaker Aung San Suu Kyi.


Original article can be found here.

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