In the News – Taiwan Prepares to Intercept N.Korean Missile

In the News – Taiwan Prepares to Intercept N.Korean Missile

As the date approaches for the launch of what North Korea claims is a space rocket, Taiwan is following Japan in preparations to intercept the missile should it stray off course and fall on its territory.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has told missile units to have PAC-3 Patriot and Tienkung missiles in wartime readiness, local media reported Sunday.

If the North Korean rocket is readied for launch this week, Taiwan will move the interceptor missiles to the eastern part of the country and await orders to intercept. A spokesman for the Taiwanese military said, “We have focused on gathering intelligence on North Korean developments and ordered our forces to take necessary measures.”

If the rocket were to stray off course and Japan fails to intercept it, Taiwan would let its Patriot missiles handle the job while putting the Tienkung missiles on standby. Taiwanese media said other defense systems in the capital Taipei will also enter wartime readiness levels.


Original article can be found here.


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