Prayer Vigil at Harvard


On Oct 9th, there was a prayer vigil at Harvard, Cambridge for the religious and political freedom of North Korea. The service was recorded to be radio broadcasted across the border for the underground North Korean Christians. The event took place on Oct. 10th in Korean time, one of the biggest national holidays in North Korea as its labor party was founded on this day.

Grace Kim and I were at this event. I just think it’s really amazing that my passion about North Korea really began in Boston, and not in Seoul. I was surprised to find so many different advocacy groups and people from S. Korea as well as across the United States, young and old, came all the way to Boston, to inspire us, the students. Many of the missionaries that were sent to Korea in the beginning of the twentieth century werestudents and graduates from the Boston area, too. 

One of the most memorable scenes during the vigil was when they played an audio recording of a North Korean Christian women’s prayer. She was whispering under the blanket, because an open exhibition of faith could result in prison camps or death sentence. I sat there, trying to figure out why so many people should suffer…and why God would allow it.   


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