Introductions: Lydia

Name: Lydia Kim

Age: 23

Occupation: Advertising

Likes: nice weather, dining in good company, dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Dislikes: animals bigger than me

My parents have always encouraged me to take interest in humanitarian issues, but I never took interest in North Korea until one summer at home.  By some coincidence, my parents had met two North Korean refugees, two sisters, who had no home and invited them to stay with our family.  I was very naturally introduced to the real state of life in North Korea and exposed to its human rights issues.  Free will and choice, basic human rights that we take for granted were impossibilities for the people living in North Korea.  Furthermore, basic needs for survival like food, clothing and shelter were luxuries available and affordable for only the smallest minority of elites.  My initial shock became disbelief, then turned into the realization that there needed to be greater awareness.  And of course, as they say, the rest is history.
I have since been active in Wellesley’s Advocates for North Korean Human Rights (ANKHR) and working to raise awareness.  I hope to continue learning about and participating in the many issues surrounding North Korea and its future.


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