Introductions: Haesun

Name: Haesun Cho

Age: 22

Occupation: Student @ Wellesley College

Likes: psychology, nickname “Chipmunk”

Dislikes: mold, reptiles

I am an international student from South Korea, and I came to the United States to study abroad in 2003 when I was 15 years old. I went to high school in Pennsylvania and enrolled in Wellesley College in 2008.

Actually I was not really interested in North Korea or its issues before this summer. However, one of my friends at school was the president of a club called ANKHR (Advocates for North Korean Human Rights), and last semester she suggested me to get involved in a volunteering work during summer in Korea. So I got involved in a volunteering work for helping North Korean defectors in South Korea this summer, and I learned a lot not only about North Korea and North Korean defectors’ difficulties and lives in Korea, but also about Korean history, current political, economic situations of both countries, and meaningful historical sites, such as DMZ areas.

Because of the experience in summer, I realized that it is very important to know the inevitable fact that Korea is a divided country, and it has been affecting the political, economic, and cultural aspects of South and North Koreas and even other countries. Also, I was alarmed by the fact that Koreans are getting numb and ignorant about the issues while they are our problems in the end.

I hope that as many people as possible to be interested in and have some general knowledge about North Korea, and I hope I play a role to promote and share interests on matters of North Korea.

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