Introductions: Grace Kwon

Name: Grace Haewon Kwon

Age: 21

Occupation: Student @ Boston University

Likes: Starbucks, anything with mint, polaroids, pop rocks, bobbleheads

Dislikes: SHINEE, raisins, pimples, splinters

You can call me an information sponge; ever since elementary school, I’ve always enjoyed absorbing as many facts as possible.  I remember even reading the World Book Encyclopedia at the school library in my spare time.  Lame I know, but I couldn’t help just knowing the random things out there.  However, while books and encyclopedias were great resources to explore various topics, the rise of the Internet really struck a chord with me.  Information became so much more accessible, and so much more appealing through the various platforms of multimedia.  Video, audio, slideshows, interactive maps – I was in love with it all.

I remember when Youtube revolutionized the net, especially because it was the way I got introduced to the issues in North Korea.  Freshman year of high school, I stumbled upon a BBC documentary which described the conditions of this poverty-stricken country, complete with testimonies from North Korean defectors.  While watching this documentary, I felt sick not only because of the atrocities, but particularly because I wasn’t aware of ANY of these human rights issues.

Over the years, through countless documentaries, articles, and even first-hand accounts, I have come a long way from that clueless child.  But what’s the use of the wealth of knowledge without being able to share it all? Through this blog, I hope to be able contribute to the blogosphere the wealth of knowledge I have gained, while continuing this learning process. I hope we can shed light on the issues and give some voice to our people, even if it is only just a tiny difference.

These are my people.


1 thought on “Introductions: Grace Kwon

  1. Congratulation!
    The blog name of “One Korea” gives me a hope for a unified Korea as one state & one people. To share knowledge about the reality of divided Koreas with others will be a good step for the Korean unification movement. I’ll enjoy this new blog about for one Korea.

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