Introductions: Daisy

Name: Daisy Chang

Age: 19

Occupation: Student @ Wellelsey College

Likes: Watermelon, Hi-Tech pens, Nutella

Dislikes: Papercuts, Math

If someone were to smash me open, I’m not really sure what would fall out. All the materials are Korean, but have been assembled in America. In fact, I’ve been told that there are even some Chinese and Russian parts thrown in, forgotten over the years. There is math there, which I now find myself majoring in, there are fingerprints of the people who had a part in the assembly line, there is culture, there is food, and there are places. I am stamped all over by others’ marks, but recently, one has been particularly dominant, and that is the influence of my grandmother.

She was born in North Korea, as was her husband, but that meant nothing to me for a long time. Sometimes, I would answer that I was half North Korean to my American friends to scare them, but nothing more than that. I remember the day that first changed—when I stayed at her apartment one summer and she cried, watching a documentary on her home country. Fast forward seven years, sprinkled with some more documentaries and activist friends (take my fellow reporter Grace Kim for example), and here I am, the final product of these experiences, attempting to pay tribute with these articles.

I am really nothing more than a student (and not a good one at that), who happens to have had great assembly men along the way. The lives of my grandparents and parents have placed me here, so here I am, American and Korean, and a little North Korean. The least I could do is share this experience, right?

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