Introductions: Christine Oh

Name: Christine Oh

Age: 19

Occupation: Student @ Wellesley College

Likes: Arts, chicken feet, goat cheese

Dislikes: paper clips, ghosts

I come from a large family of four daughters. My dad is from a remote area down south in Korea, and my mom grew up close to Seoul under a strict and often terrifying North Korean father. Perhaps that’s the reason why I grew up with a basic knowledge and interest in North Korea. My mom, aware of her half-North Korean genes, maintained a steady research about NK—politics, refugees, divided families, starving children, you name it—and would often talk about, and pray for, our sister country. So when I came to Wellesley College and met other students who were active advocates for North Korean human rights, I was impressed and inspired not only with their willingness to take initiative for this campaign, but also for taking ownership of North Korea and making their goals into reality. I’m excited to join the effort to make a small difference together!

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