Introductions: Christine Lee

Name: Christine Lee

Age: 20

Occupation: Student @ Wellesley College (currently studying abroad at Yonsei University)

Likes: Jamba Juice, white peaches, SHINee, dance parties, cafes

Dislikes: constipation, technological failure, SNSD’s bubble flip-flops, warm orange juice, mosquitoes

It still shocks me that in the second decade of the 21st century, a stuck-in-time country like North Korea can continue to exist and not show any real sign of ending soon. After watching “The Crossing”, a film about North Korea, I spent a good three hours in my room, sitting in a state of hopelessness, and ultimately, prayer. Since then, I have been struggling to understand a situation that, frankly, no one really knows that much about.
Around this time, my cousin Jason Ahn was beginning to make a documentary about the division of Korean families during the Korean War into those living in North Korea and those living in the United States, called Divided Families ( If “The Crossing” was what set the stage, then my cousin’s earnestness and vigor was the catalyst. If one very busy guy can gather a team and make a documentary on his own money and time, while attending Harvard Medical School, because he feels compelled to share what he believes is an overlooked part of history (or what soon will be history), then I have no excuse. We must all fight on. Let our generation not be one to stand still, but one that educates ourselves, prays, and acts according to the resources and history given to us. I hope this blog and our experiences can make a real difference and possibly inspire others to take action as well.

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